VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier Review

veva 8000 elite pro series air purifier review

The VEVA 8000 elite pro air purifier is very popular for its unique design. This VEVA 8000 stylish air purifier can eliminate odors from cigarettes, food, and pets also. This is a perfect choice for your home and office. The VEVA 8000 uses a premium HEPA filter. This is ozone and ion-free air purifier and …

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Silveronyx Air Purifier Review

Silveronyx air purifier review

The Silveronyx air purifier is another stylish and exciting air purifier because of its exclusive design. It looks expensive but it provides you with amazing features at a low price. Not just design but silver onyx air purifier comes with modern technologies that make this air purifier special. Also, the Silveronyx air purifier does not …

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Molekule Air Purifier Review

molekule air purifier review

Many brands are making great air purifiers to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses, a minor price for greater service. But you may know that the Molekule air purifiers have developed PECO technology to fight against these pathogens. If you have sneezing and stuffy nose problem when you wake up you should have a look at these great …

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Do Air Purifiers Get Rid of Dust Mites?

do air purifiers get rid of dust

Do air purifiers get rid of dust? I know many air purifier users have this question. Dust is can be a reason for harmful diseases in the human body. Especially for those people who are suffering from asthma and other health issues related to the lungs. The air purifiers make the air clean and provide …

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Do Air Purifiers Cool Down a Room?

do air purifiers cool down a room

Ohhh. There are lots of questions and misconceptions about an air purifier. Well, I have tried to cover all the questions. But it is hard to answer all these questions in just one article. And now I get one more question that “Do air purifiers cool down a room?” lots of people have these questions. …

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Best Air Purifier for Bacteria and Viruses

best air purifier for bacteria and viruses

An air purifier is an important appliance to have in any home. It helps to remove airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and other allergens. However, an air purifier can also be beneficial in removing bacteria, viruses and germs. There are many different types and brands of air purifiers on the market. So, how do …

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How to Use an Air Purifier Properly?

how to use an air purifier

The air purifier stands out for its patented active ion technology. This technology emits or generates ions brightly. It has high-compassion sensors for particle detection. If it detects any type of contamination incessantly measure the air quality to start up automatically. Air purifier indicates utilizing the type of pollution color system. There are levels of …

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Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

benefits of air purifier

Air quality is one of the factors that can influence our bodies the most. Purifying air is necessary to maintain a healthy environment and good hygiene conditions. An air purifier is a device able of removing all toxic or toxic contamination from the air. If you want to know the benefits of air purifiers, I …

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