How to Use an Air Purifier Properly?

The air purifier stands out for its patented active ion technology. This technology emits or generates ions brightly. It has high-compassion sensors for particle detection. If it detects any type of contamination incessantly measure the air quality to start up automatically.

Air purifier indicates utilizing the type of pollution color system. There are levels of dust in suspension that present green and if there are viruses or bacteria that present blue. This option can carry manually or automatically on the touch screen purifier.

The air purifier when emitting ions, causes these ions to bind to the particles that are in suspension, such as dust, bacteria, mold spores, nicotine, viruses, causing a physical-chemical procedure that causes pollutants to cancel and fall to the ground.

Air purifier will be easily absorbed or filtered when we clean the place. The ionizer purifies the air, leaving it with enormous freshness and cleanliness. Imitating nature’s air quality is an electrical storm but without ozone. That builds it very healthy for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Tips to Use Filters Correctly

We know the importance of filters in this air ionizer, so we have to know how to use an air purifier and the operation of air purifier. The technique to access the filter compartment is simple, the magnetized front cover is removed. You will see the filters in the following order, carbon filter, pre-filter, and HEPA filter.

The air purifier gives us an indicator to know the helpful life of its filters. We do this through calculations of internal algorithms, which find out the time to do the operation.

First, the pre-filter will not be replaced. It should wash often with running water to take away impurities hold to it. In case you cannot remove it easily, you can use a brush or vacuum cleaner to leave it completely clean. It is very vital that when re-incorporated this prevents bacteria formation on its surface. Spray before drying with water and tea tree oil.

Always use the original brand this maintains the warranty and useful life of the device. If we consider that we spend more than 80% of our time indoors, the matter becomes serious and it is necessary to know how to use an air purifier and how to purify the air of places like the house or rooms.

In What Cases Should You Install an Air Purifier?

After everything, I researched I understood that an air purifier is helpful in any environment. so I advocate it to all people, particularly considering that on average, a person spends 87% of the time inside a building.

Why Should You Purify the Air in the Interior Spaces?

You have already seen how high the rate of pernicious substances and pollutants that adulterate interior spaces is. You spend most of your time between your home and your workplace.

Tips to Purify The Air at Home

Once we have become conscious of the need to purify the air at home, it is essential to follow a routine that guarantees quality.

Ventilate All Rooms

In the early morning, the temperatures are lower. This fact causes the particles to resolve and, therefore, exist less in suspension. In this way, the air cleaner shows lower pollution rates. This process is so important that some intelligent buildings have been programmed to perform the ventilation job automatically. If this is not the case in your home, open the windows in the morning and let the air renew for 10 minutes.

Use of Air Conditioning With HEPA Filters

The use of adequate air conditioning equipment can be one of the best alternatives to enjoying quality air without contaminant particles. However, you have to remember that any system is not worth it. It must be ready with particular filter equipment.

Generally, recently built houses or flats regularly have air conditioning systems installed. However, they do not always have HEPA-type filters High-Efficiency Particulate Air. These filters are the only ones that meet quality standards that certify their high competence.

Air conditioners with HEPA filters make sure maximum efficiency filtering. This way, the external air reaches the rooms as clean as possible. It is suitable that you make sure that your air conditioning system is equipped with a HEPA filter. If not, ask to have it changed.

Air Purifiers With HEPA Filters

If it is not possible for your home to have a HEPA filter for air conditioning, another alternative will allow you to renew the air you breathe. Air purifiers with HEPA filters are presented as an excellent option, both for work and domestic use.

This type of purifier will help the respiratory health of people in the room. It will be necessary to get better the quality of life of patients with allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. The reason is that it allows the elimination of most of the pollutants: animal hair, pollen, dust and wildfire smoke.

Use of Air Purifier

There are many pollutants in the air that are damaging to your health or that at least make discomfort, and air purifiers are responsible for removing 99.9% of them.

Removes dust particles, soot, human hair, mites, pet hair, dander, and mold. If you live in an area where a lot of pollen is generated, the purifier is responsible for removing it from the air.

It eliminates and disinfects the air of bacteria, microbes, and viruses, to avoid them from entering your body through your respiratory system.

Air purifier gets rid of bad odors from the environment. You clean the air and all traces of smell disappear if you put it in your kitchen after cooking. They eliminate tobacco smoke and the smell left in the room after smoking.

It Eliminates 99.9% of effective particles injurious to health such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, and even ozone.


Its filtration system consists of three stages, eliminating in each step the different pollutants that we find in the air competently. The air being absorbed meets the first filter or pre-filter is responsible for absorbing large dust particles, human and animal hair between them.

Finally, the air will pass before being expelled to the exterior, through an activated carbon filter, which retains unpleasant odors, mainly that of tobacco smoke, kitchen smell, pets, also absorbs the gases shaped by plastics, paints such as formaldehyde and organic compounds.

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