How to Tell if Air Purifier Is Working or Not?

Using an air purifier is a very wise idea, in case you are suffering from some chronic disease like asthma or any severe allergy, you can use these air purifiers to improve your indoor air quality as well. The particles that pollute the air, are way too small that’s why we can’t see them with human eyes.

Due to this, the measurement of air purifiers also becomes difficult. Air purifiers are very easy to operate and their maintenance requirement is also very rare. Therefore, the most common question asked by the customers is that how to tell if air purifier is working.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the ways that will help you to judge whether your air purifier is working or not.

How to Know if Air Purifier Is Working

There are multiple ways of being acknowledged that how to know if air purifier is working. Some of them are described below:

Check-Out the Air Flow

The simplest method to check the performance of air purifier is to check the air circulation. Most of the air purifiers automatically adjust their fans depending on the level of contaminants.

If the contaminant rate is high in the air the purifier will operate louder and will make more noise than usual. When the level of contaminants is low and indoor air is clean the purifier will blow little air and the fan will operate quietly.

In order to check whether the purifier is working correctly manually change the fan settings. The fan should operate quietly if we use the low settings.

Your air purifier will also be working fine if it is not completely silent and you will hear the fan and on the other hand your purifier may not be working if you do not feel the gentle whir of the fan while adjusting the speed manually.

By Using a Filter Indicator

Using a filter that has indicator light is one of the best ways to get to know if the air purifier is working. When the air purifier filters get old they lose their ability to remove the contaminants from the air.

For the air purifiers to keep working it is necessary to change the filters from time to time when they get older. With the help of filter indicators, it becomes easy to analyze whether the filter is working or not and this helps in measuring the performance as well.

When the filter light gets on we get the signal that the filter is not functioning well and this helps us to predict that the air purifier is not working the way it should be.

Manually Checking the Filter

Although using the filters with indicator light is one of the best ways to know if the air purifier is working but still it’s not a wise decision to completely depend on it because there is a slight possibility that due to some technical issues the indicator may give a false read.

If you are not sure that your air purifier is working at its full capacity or has doubt that it is not functioning properly it is better to check your filter manually. If you find filters dirty or filled with dirt, debris, dust and hair then you can say that air purifier is working.

If the filter is filled with dirt enough to completely clog it up then there is a high possibility that it needs to get replaced by a new one.

Measuring the Performance by Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Most air purifiers have built-in air quality indicators. It helps to optimize the airflow of purifiers to clean the air in an effective way but does not provide the exact reading of the air quality. It will just provide you with an analysis of your home’s air quality levels.

If the result shows by it is that there is no betterment in your home’s air quality when your air purifier is running then there is a high possibility that there is a need of getting your air purifiers to get checked. But still the air purifier performance cannot be measured precisely with an indoor air quality monitor.

For the purpose of analyzing whether the purifier is working or is functioning at its full capacity is to run tests with the help of an indoor air quality monitor. These devices will help you to analyze the performance of your air purifier very precisely.

Measuring the Performance With the Help of Air Quality Monitor

The above methods to measure the air purifier performance are good but are not accurate enough. So, for the purpose of measuring exactly how the purifier is performing it is best to use an air quality monitor.

The two air quality monitors include:

  • Foobot
  • Blueair Aware


With the help of this device it becomes very easy to analyze whether the air purifier is working well or not. This device uses very easy and simple color indicators to provide a broader measure of the quality of air in our home.

Not only this for more precise details or for more better data we can connect Foobot to our mobile phones through a simple app and can get real-time air analysis along with recommendations.

Blueair Aware

This device has been designed specifically to work with Blueair air purifiers. To improve the performance the Wi-Fi-enabled devices from Blueair can pair directly with the Aware and use its measurements for the betterment of quality. The device can be used individually as well to measure the performance of an air purifier.


Thus, these ways will be very helpful to you in order to know if your air purifier is working and if you still get the result that your air purifier is not functioning properly then it is also possible that the size of your model is not right. It is important that you should purchase an air purifier that is rated to cover an area larger than the place you are going to use it.

Top and good quality purifiers come with warranties maximum of a year. So, it is better to get your purifier checked in time so that you should not face any problems later on, by which you must not have to get confused about how to tell if the air purifier is working.

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