Do Air Purifiers Remove Odors?

You will not find a home that has no smell of its own. Each house has its flavor. But a foul odor warns that something is not right at home. Bad smells are unwanted as well as embarrassing and hence nobody likes.

Some of the odors are distinct – especially the smell of intense cooking, the smell of pets, the aromatic odor, gas leakage, the smell of cigarette smoke, etc. There are many ways to eliminate unpleasant odors, such as air fresheners, opening windows, removing the garbage, sweeping the garbage box, or smoking out of the room. It usually removes offensive odors temporarily.

Investing in an air purifier is one of the most effective ways to eliminate these different odors in your home. Yes, air purifiers remove odors from indoors. Although buying an air purifier is expensive. But it not only eliminates bad smells but also provides us with endlessly clean air.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Odors?

Now you may be wondering do the air purifier can remove the odor? Yes, the air purifier relieves these unwanted odors and provides us with fresh, cleaner air. It should be said yes, only a HEPA air purifier with a carbon filter can absorb the intense odor and relieve us from the bad odor.

These include the smell of lingering cooking odors, the smell of gases, pet odors, diapers, wood-burning, or cigarette odors. Even the various chemical fumes such as VOCs, CO, or Radon, are now removable with a well-activated carbon filter. More importantly, odorless gas is also capable of absorbing activated carbon.

How Does an Air Purifier Remove Odors?

The function of an active carbon filter is straightforward. This small piece of the machine first pulls the airborne pollutants from the air into the air purifier — afterward, the pellets absorbing the carbon filter stream the odors through a chemical combination.

Since organic and other chemicals cause odors, these carbon filters can remove them from the air. Then the odor is trapped inside, and the air purifier flows fresh air.

If you are a pet owner, this activated carbon filter is a blessing to you. Because when this activated carbon flows indoors, it can capture dander, dust mites, bacteria, dust, allergens and work for mold along with pet hair floating in the air.

So to get these benefits, you have to choose a product that is HEPA filter with a carbon filter.

What Types of Smell Do Air Purifier Remove?

Usually, an air purifier can eliminate all kinds of bad odors. However, before buying an air purifier, you must know the source or cause of these odors.

Indoor, these are these five types of odor everyone faces in the family, and with this air purifier, you can get rid of these five types of odor.


It is a common type of odor that can be seen almost at home, and no one likes the smell of smoke. Whether it’s cigarettes or camping out on weekends. Once it enters your furnishings, drips, and carpets, it becomes incredibly challenging to get rid of this foul smell. So adding an air purifier is a significant first step to drastically reducing the odor of smoke at home.

Electronic air filters, Ionizers, or Mechanical high-efficiency air filters the purpose of these air purifiers is to remove pollutants and odors from the air or force them into the ground so they can be removed with a vacuum.

Pet Odors

Usually, we own at least one pet. We love our pets, but the problem is we don’t like their scents. No matter how much we wash or bathe our pets, they have always a natural odor. Especially those who have dogs at home will suffer from bad natural odor all day.

But this pet odor sometimes causes numerous problems. Especially for those who have allergies or asthma, this smell is a nightmare. So you should buy an air purifier to synthesize these smells. The air purifier will not only keep the smell of your home clean, but it will also protect you from the air pollutants born by your air.

Dirty Diaper Odor/Body Odor

Children and teenagers often produce unpleasant odors, so you must invest in an air purifier to keep the home fresh and clean from these odors.

Food Smells

Almost all are cooked at home, and unfortunately, this delicious meal is the root cause of the smell and smoke. And many times, this smell can last a long time in your kitchen and home.

When cooking, some food particles, especially fish fry or meat fried or burnt odors spread in the air within minutes, making the environment worse. An air purifier will not only help reduce the burnt odors or smell of your fish, but it will also help reduce the other food’s odor in your kitchen.


This is the most common source of foul odors, and when you forget to take out the trash from home, it will be the worst scenario. If this happened to you, then you know even after washing your trash cans how challenging it is to rid your house of bad odors.

So use an air filter to prevent odor particles from airborne trash. This will drastically improve the odor of your home and allow you to breathe deeply.

How to Help an Air Purifier Remove Odors?

Of course, the best air purifiers can’t altogether remove the odor without a little help. Here are some tips:

  • If you have a large family or have pets, regular vacuuming and mopping eliminate the smell of the home.
  • After cooking opening a window, a meal, or turning on, the fan is an excellent way of proper ventilation. It makes the air purifier effective as well as does not allow the bad odor to enter the room.
  • As Kitchens and bathrooms are quickly becoming dirty, so it is essential always to clean these areas, which is the start of an odorless home.
  • Regardless of the active carbon filter or HEPA filter, filters should always be monitored and replaced as needed to help the air purifier run smoothly.

The Last Word

Does the air purifier remove the odors altogether?

The answer is some do, and some don’t. Besides, air purifiers also need a level of support from you and your family to altogether remove the odor from home. Regardless of any unpleasant odor at home, A good air purifier will not only reduce or eliminate odor but will also make the air healthier and fresher.

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