Where Is the Best Place to Put Air Purifier?

Now in the 21st century Air pollution becomes a severe problem for all of us, both outdoors and inside our houses. As we have to spend a significant amount of time indoors, so we must purify our indoor air. Especially for those who have Allegers, asthma, highly sensitive to pollution or concerns about their health.

According to Consumer Search expert tests, “Indoor air pollution is considered to be one of the world’s greatest public health risks.”

But after purchasing an air purifier, the vital question arrives that is where is the best place to put air purifierNow I am going to answer this question.

Where to Put Air Purifier?

When you are going to put air purifier, you must put it in that place where it can suck in and blow out a maximum amount of air. Generally in an hour, an air purifier can exchange 2 to 8 times indoor pollution air more than 80 %. But it also depends on the placement and room size.

So Before plugging the purifier, here are some techniques and recommendations to help you find the best place to put your air purifier.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

Always put your air purifier in that place where you spent most of your time or where there is an air quality problem. Most of us like to put air purifier in our living room, bedroom, and children’s playroom. But if you have a smoker in your house or if you have a funky-smelling area then you should place the air purifier in that area.

You can also put air purifier in a bathroom or kitchen because most pollutants and odors produce in these places. An air purifier can effectively purify the air in your home if you put it near the contaminants and odors produced area.

The Best Location for Air Purifier in the Bedroom

Registrars are usually given directions. You have to follow the direction. You should put an air purifier about 6 to 10 feet away from the head of your bedroom bed. If you are too close you can feel a draft and if you are far away you will not get the full benefit of filtered air. So the unit should be placed squarely on the floor.

To get maximum filtration, some wanted to put air purifier in the middle of the room.  But if it is a problem then put it in a 360-degree filtration and must be placed 6 inches from the wall. A sealed system air purifier is best for your bedroom because this system ensures you only fresh and clean air from the air purifier.

Factor to Consider Where to Put Air Purifier

Air purifier machine works by cycling the air in the room. So, the efficiency of the air purifier influences the size of your room. Other factors such as several people in the room, opening and closing the door, or the presence of pets also affect the efficiency of the air purifier.

Another factor to consider where to put air purifier is the size of air purifier. Because in a larger room a larger machine’s air purifier will be able to cycle the air more effectively than a small machine’s air purifier. However, a larger machine’s air purifier will create massive noise. But if you can’t tolerate noise, then you can use a smaller and portable air purifier.

But if you don’t decide where to put your air purifier, then you can install a whole-house air purifier. It works by connecting to air passage in your home. However, this system is costly and requires professional installation.

Where to Place an Air Purifier in a Room

It’s essential to put air purifier in the right spot in the room. Most of us put it in the center of the room. But you do not have to place it in an area that can block the walkway. So be sure to place it in a safe area.

You can also place air purifier near a wall. But do not put it behind furniture. To make air purifier works well, you have to put it in an open place. So it can easily intake and output air, and the open area should be minimum of one foot to two feet.

Is there any smoker in your home, or do you have a funky-smelling area?  Then this is another spot to put an air purifier. An air purifier can effectively purify the air in your home if you put it near the pollutants and odors produced place.

Keep away your air purifier from any electronic appliance. Because it also uses frequency similar to TVs, microwaves, or stereo equipment. This may cause interference and trouble during usage.

Keep the Room Close

Your air purifier works well if you close your room’s door and windows. This will allow the machine to purify room air effectively without any hindrance.  If you don’t close your room’s door and windows the air purifier will try to pull in air from outside which can affect the machine’s overall performance.

On summer days, place your air purifier next to an open window so that it can trap any entering particles. But the air purifier doesn’t work well in extreme heat. So in summer, you have to put your air purifier in a safe, cool and dry place.

Final Thoughts

An air purifier is a useful machine for us. To get the maximum benefit from your air purifier, you must put it in the right place in your room and use it daily. By this, you can keep your home clean and happy.

Hope the article will be helpful for you. If there are any other questions or suggestions about where is the best place to put air purifier just let us inform.

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