Best Air Purifier for Wildfire Smoke

If you live in a fire-prone area, choosing the best air purifiers for wildfire smoke can help improve indoor air quality in the event of a fire.

Wildfire smoke poses significant health risks and is a major source of fine particles pollution on the West Coast of the United States, and Canada. You don’t need to be near the wellspring of the fire to feel the impacts of the smoke. People who are tens of kilometers away have issues going from trouble breathing to solid and smoky smells that saturate furniture, covers, and dress.

Because wildfire smoke can spread quickly, even more communities hundreds of miles outside the main burn zone can be affected.

Health Effects From Wildfire Smoke

There are more ways people should take precautions with really no solution in sight for these dangerous wildfires. According to the advisory, the public health department is sent to Idaho schools, which means indoor recess and no more outdoor sports practice for schools when air quality levels are unhealthy.

According to the environmental protection agency, tiny particles migrate deep into the lungs in smoke, where they evade the body’s protection mechanisms, Nolen says. This poses a particularly significant danger to individuals with asthma, cardiovascular disease, or lung disorders. Even if they’re okay, children are vulnerable, she notes, because their lungs are still growing.

That’s why our team of experts has selected five of the best HEPA purification products for wildfires on the market to trap smoke particles and smoke odor caused by fire smoke. Read on to see our curation list or scroll down to know more about all the purifiers suitable for this problem.

Top 5 Best HEPA Air Purifiers for Wildfire Smoke Review

When compiling our complete list, our biggest concern was hours of reading hundreds of user reviews and tests. Once we had our list, we dove deeper and did a more detailed review of each purifier, so you will be able to determine which model suits your needs. Of course, if you are not ready to choose from this list of the finest air purifiers then be sure to check out our comprehensive purchasing guide, which will tell you everything you need to know to find the perfect purifier before it goes out of stock.

1. Coway White HEPA Purifier AP-1512HH

Main Features

  • Low noise
  • Ease of use
  • Medium Range
  • Automatic Function
  • Indicator light
  • 4-in-1 filtering

If you fall into a certain population segment, the Coway AP 1512hh looks somewhat like a giant iPod Shuffle. It has a sleek, sleek body, measuring 16.8 x 18.3 x 9.6 inches, and has a beautiful black or white fascia decorated with a distinctive ring, all rights reserved. But not only beautiful. This air purifier – nicknamed the Mighty – has the brain and the power to look beautiful.

Coway Mighty contains 4-in-1 filtering system, which is easier to maintain than other devices. Why it is? Since this purifier contains an indicator on three of the four types of cleaning modes, so whenever it needs attention it will let you know. You can wash the external pre-strainer at your home, so you may earn at no cost needed. Wash with clean water then let it dry as much moisture as you can and also let the pre–strainer air dry too.

 If it gets too dirty, soak it in white vinegar for 30 minutes then wash it to remove all residual acid. To remove the surface dirt you can suck the pre- strainer. A siphon-activated carbon filter is also used by some, but make sure that you don’t wash it otherwise it might get damaged. Both good and bad odors can be dissolved using deodorizers.

For wildfires and smoke removal devices, this is the best purifier on the market. While most purifiers hang around 100, its Clean air delivery rate (CADR) rating is well above 200 making it one of the fastest refiners. Using minimal electricity and automated sleep mode saves power. Having that, when the airflow is refreshed it turns off after 30 minutes.

What I Like

  • Innovative design
  • Energy saving
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Adjust the timer automatically
  • Filtration Indicator
  • Night light
  • Works Up To 0.3 Microns
  • Strong Plastic Body

What I Don’t Like

  • The top light cannot be turned off
  • The highest speed is quite hard
  • Quite expensive

2. Honeywell HPA8350 True HEPA Purifier

Main Features

  • Advanced Electronic Touch Screen Control.
  • 3 levels of air cleaning plus Turbo Clean settings.
  • The timer turns off automatically 1-18 hours and the operation is silent.
  • The VOC sensor automatically controls the air purifier based on the VOC in the room.
  • Replacement indicators.
  • Adjustable lighting panel
  • Works with Bluetooth Smart v4.0 Compatible for Cellular and Android Devices.
  • Cellular devices can be used as remote controls for all air cleaner functions (range 30′).
  • Recommended for extra-large rooms.

The Honeywell HPA8350 makes our list of the greatest air purifiers on the West Coast of the United States from the highest chosen products because of its superior performance in all types of scenarios. It has 4 cleaning intensities (Germ, Allergen, General clean, and Turbo) that you should discuss with various problems – from pet odors to allergens.

This product contains pre-strainer also HEPA filters. Pre-strainer is the first level of filtration and can catch more large particulate matter like- fiber, pet dander, and pet odors. Of course, replace the strainer after 3 months. in the second level, the Honeywell HEPA filter does its duty. It can clean air pollution and can remove up to 99.97% of allergens measuring 0.3 micrometers or large such as pet dander. the strainer has to replace after one year and as a reminder the device contains light.

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Honeywell HPA8350 contains a Bluetooth feature that can connect with your smartphone and can control as a remote. With these features, you can control the gadget even if you are in the next room. the Bluetooth range is 30 feet. This feature has additional functions such as proximity sensing for auto on-off, the warning zone alert, changing the strainer reminder setting, allergen warning setting, etc.

Plus, another important feature is the Volatile Organic Compound sensor which helps to measure certain gases related to poor air quality on the spot.

What I Like

  • Adjust the level of cleaning based on local allergen levels.
  • Proximity sensors automatically turn on the device when in range.
  • Simple scheduling feature.
  • Relatively quiet.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price is too high
  • Bluetooth range limited to mobile connectivity devices.

3. Whirlpool WPPRO2000B Whispure True HEPA Air Purifier

Main Features

  • Catching allergens
  • Efficient air purification
  • Perfect for Family Friends
  • A fresh air lullaby
  • LED light for an Air Quality Monitoring system
  • Quiet whispers
  • Recommended by doctor
  • Light for replacement
  • Automatically adjusts fan speed

Whirlpool WPPRO2000 air purifier is one of the most powerful cleaners for wildfires and smoke removal solutions. High efficiency; set in a 508 square foot space, it has the ability to clean air in 13 minutes! This air cleaner has the ability to remove 99. 97% of particles in the air from the air and carbon filter. With this, the indoor air quality in your room will be free of all types of airborne particles such as allergens, particle concentrations, dust particulates, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and odors.

Whirlpool WPPRO2000 is equipped with HEPA that can capture molds, dust, fine particle filters in the room up to 99.97% as smooth as 0.3 microns the size of air pollutants.

In addition, it uses a five-stage filtering system with HEPA purification, plus Activated Carbon with Pre-strainer. Rest assured this air purifier is Ozone free and now you can use the air purifier for hours because it is safe and you can put it near you or your children calmly.

It features an Automatic-off Timer where you can set 2/4/6/8 hours. However, it is recommended to walk 8 hours or more to ensure the quality of your home air is purified and pollution-free at all times. Not only does this Whirlpool cleaner look sleek and beautiful, but the control panel is also intuitive which is equipped with Advance Electronic (Smart Screen Touch) controls.

If you plan to put it in your room, it has a night light for you to switch to so it won’t disturb your sleep. Whirlpool air cleaners use Magnetic Latch Front Grill as Filter Door Safety Switch so as to keep your children safe from it. This air purifier weighs 22.4 lbs.

What I Like

  • Quiet and Quiet Whispure Partner System for sleep mode
  • Strong to cover up to 500 square feet and nearly 5 air cycles.
  • Use a reliable HEPA filter
  • Air Quality Sensors and VOC sensors
  • Easy to adjust and control
  • Security lock system
  • Ozone free
  • Energy Star approved

What I Don’t Like

  • Large openings for air flow output may risk falling objects and damaging the fan
  • Carbon filters do not have a lot of carbon so it is not efficient at removing strong odors.
  • The filter’s price is quite too high at around $80 but because of its large size and is worth the investment for up to 12 months of use.

4. Coway Airmega 400 in Graphite/Silver Smart Air Purifier

Main Features

  • Covers up to 1,560 square feet
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Smart Technology
  • Strong Double Suction
  • Filter Max2
  • Pre-filter
  • Filter Indicator
  • Balance of Technology and Design

What I Like

  • Activated carbon filter
  • High CFM, dual air ducts
  • Has five fan modes
  • Longer filter life, washable filter
  • 3-in-1 combined filter package
  • Built-in particle sensor, air quality indicator
  • Sleep mode, filter age indicator
  • Reasonable annual operational costs
  • Really safe ozone
  • Easy to carry

What I Don’t Like

  • CADR was not verified by AHAM
  • The only white variant, no child key
  • Not good for odors or heavy chemicals

5. Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier

Main Features

  • Capable of covering an area of ​​1100 sq. ft at maximum speed
  • Covering 690 square feet while in quiet operation
  • Can remove 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns
  • Circulates between 150 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and 286 CFM depending on the speed you use
  • The noise level ranges from 41.5 dB to 56 dB, depending on the speed level you choose
  • Uses 105 watts of energy at the highest speed and is Energy Star certified

We are talking about dozens of precautions amid COVID-19 lockdowns, preventing setting foot outside the home wherever possible. But what about the enemies that are everywhere in the house? Did you know that the indoor airflow that you breathe at home is invaded by excessive microscopic pollutants in the form of bacteria, pollen, mold, and even pet dander (if you have it at home)? All of this contributes to several allergies and infections, very similar to Corona itself.

I was amazed to find that Alen BreatheSmart Classic air purifier for large rooms was the son of NASA’s airflow engineer. That gives me the certainty to learn more about the device and try some of its features. This is a delightful and conservative gadget that will find a way into any room and is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to integrate with your furniture.

The large room air cleaners brag about the HEPA air filter and Alen BreatheSmart Classic is no contrast. Efficient in removing airborne particles like dust, mold spores, and pet dander, this device provides solid performance in large rooms up to 1,100 square feet. This unit averaged 2 large rooms at 1,100 square feet. That’s a lot of performance for the biggest room.

BreatheSmart Classic is one of the best air purifiers for wildfire smoke removal in terms of noise. This device is almost silent in almost all operating settings, except at full load, where it only averages 43 decibels. The best acoustic performance is at a lower setting.

What I Like

  • Look elegant
  • Innovative design
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 4 different HEPA filters
  • Pre-filter can be washed
  • Sophisticated smart sensor
  • 4, 8, 12 hour Pre-set timers
  • 3-stage filtration with ionizer
  • Has WhisperMax technology
  • Has a smart filter lamp indicator
  • Perfect for large family rooms

What I Don’t Like:

  • Fair price tag
  • There is no remote control.
  • You have to buy a different filter that functions differently.

Does HEPA Filter Remove Wildfire Smoke?

Since HEPA air purifiers are the most potent air filters to remove particulate matter, a HEPA purifier is your best option for controlling wildfire smoke in your home. HEPA purifiers will directly minimize the measure of particulate issues circulating in your home without the additional expense of ozone output by pushing air through a physical barrier.

The term HEPA refers to high-efficiency particulate air, which relates to a particulates air filtration standard. On what percentage of dust particles (specifically PM0.3) they minimize, HEPA air filters are evaluated. A real air filter has to eliminate 99.97 percent of PM0.3 on the first pass through the filter to make the grade.

Wildfire Smoke

How Is This Meaningful?

The most common size observed in wildfire smoke is the same particulate matter diameter used to test HEPA filters. Wildfire particulates appear to have a diameter of between 0.4 and 0.7 μm and fall under the PM2.5 or acceptable dust umbrella word. A right HEPA filter, including the particular size found in wildfire smoke, can dramatically decrease all particulate matter in your home.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Wildfire Smoke?

Not all air purifiers do a decent job of extracting pollutants from the smoke. A HEPA filter is the most effective against smoke, using a fan to push air to trap particles through a fine mesh. Purifiers are also stronger at smoke reduction than rooms more significant than 350 square feet.

How Do You Get Rid of Wildfire Smoke in Your House?

De-odorizing and vinegar cleaning: White vinegar naturally eliminates odors. To eradicate the spicy scent of smoke, spray your washable walls, floors, furniture, etc. with white vinegar. It would also help put the vinegar bowls all over your room with some smoke damage for several days.


In summary, the five finest air purifiers I suggest for mitigating wildfire-induced smoke odors. All have active carbon filters. And all are highly recommended because they all perform well and are appropriate for various room sizes.

Some of these are undoubtedly costly. But I think the investment is worthwhile when you consider the importance of your well-being and that of your family.