Best Air Purifier For VOCs and Formaldehyde

Do you know that VOCs are the most dangerous gases for human health? VOCs also known as Volatile Organic Compounds, can cause multiple health hazards to the human body. VOCs are everywhere. VOCs can come from many components and chemicals like paint, furniture, formaldehyde, and many other products.

VOCs and formaldehyde are the most dangerous elements in our home. Formaldehyde can be a reason for some harmful diseases like cancer and ulcer in the human body.

We have to remove these gases from our home. Most air purifiers are used to remove pollutants and particles. But some best VOCs air purifiers can easily remove this invisible danger from your home.

However, the air purifier is the best solution for VOCs and formaldehyde. From my own experience, I will review some best air purifiers for VOCs and formaldehyde. Also here is a buyer’s guide and some frequently asked questions for air purifiers. This will be the most interesting article, read this till the end.

1. Airpura F600DLX VOCs Air Purifier

Main Features:

  • Capable to cover up to 2000 sq.ft area.
  • Three filters the true HEPA filter, Pre-filter, and activated carbon filter.
  • It has 18 lbs of activated carbon filters that absorb airborne chemicals and gases.
  • Features like speed option, unimpeded airflow, and four casters.

Airpura is a Canadian industry. It makes specialized air purifiers for formaldehyde. Airpura has made many models for VOCs and formaldehyde. The F600DLX has 28 lbs of formaldehyde filtration media. It comes with three filters. The true HEPA filter, Pre-filter, and activated carbon filter.

The true HEPA media filter can run at least for 5 years in normal uses. It removes 99.97% large particles of 0.3 microns. The activated carbon filter with 18 lbs can absorb gases, odors and airborne chemicals. It can last for 2 years, depending on your use. The true HEPA filter and Pre-filter should be changed every 12 months.

The airport F600DLX can efficiently cover a large area up to 2000 sq.ft. This is a highlighting feature of this air purifier. It has a variable speed option and unimpeded airflow. The airport is certified by the environmental technology laboratory. It has four casters that make this a movable air purifier. 

This is a perfect choice for large rooms and apartments. Some users complain that the air purifier is slower than 560 cm. This is an expensive option but good for VOCs and formaldehyde.

What I liked:

  • Cover up to 2000 sq.ft area
  • Contain 28 lbs formaldehyde filtration media
  • Easy to move

What I don’t liked:

  • Very expensive
  • Complains of the air purifier that this is slower than 560 cm.

2. NuWave OXYPURE Smart Air Purifier for VOCs, Formaldehyde

Main Features:

  • The combo carbon HEPA filter.
  • Washable bio-guard and stainless steel filter.
  • Features like 6 fan speed options, 360° air intake, sleep mode, and ultimate clean mode.
  • I can clean pollutants in just 30 sec.

NuWave oxypure is our second choice because this is the most advanced air purifier on the market. It allows you to breathe easier and live a healthy life. It protects you and your family from germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and gases. Also, this is the best air purifier for chemical sensitivity.

The NuWave has added four filters in this air purifier. The stainless steel filter, bio-guard filter, ozone filter, and combo carbon HEPA filter. It can effectively clean up to 1200 sq.ft room area. The bio guard filters kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. The stainless steel removes pet dander, pollen, mold spores and mildew. The ozone filter removes ozone emissions.

And the HEPA carbon filter removes 99.97% odors, smoke, and the dangerous formaldehyde. Bio-guard and stainless steel filters are washable filters. It will last for 20 years, no need to replace every year.  It features six fan speed options, 360° air intake, sleep-mode, ultimate clean mode, and turbo mode.

You can control this air purifier from anywhere with the NuWave app. This is a quiet and fast working purifier. In a test, it cleans all pollutants in just 30 sec. This is a little expensive but its features are amazing.

I think this is an all in one air purifier. It can remove pollen, dust, molds, germs, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and formaldehyde.

What I liked:

  • A carbon filter with three replacement filters
  • Fast working and best for VOCs
  • 360° air intake

What I don’t liked:

  • Little expensive and heavier
  • The app is not available for all

3. Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier for VOCs

Main Features:

  • You can control it with a magnetic remote.
  • LED display system
  • It can rotate 350° to reach everywhere.
  • It has a 10-speed option, auto mode, and night mode.
  • Dyson’s app allows you to set a timer and also to analyze filter uses.
  • Air multiple technologies project 77 gallons of cleaner air per second
  • The sealed HEPA carbon filter.

The new Dyson TP04 is a unique design air purifier also knows as an air-purifying fan. The Dyson TP04 comes with a magnetic remote. You can control the air purifier with a remote. This is a digital and unique design air purifier. 

It has three sensors to detect pollution. It has an LCD that informs you about air quality, allergens, VOCs pollution and filter replacements in real-time. It can rotate 350° and reach every corner of the room. It has 10 fan speed options, auto mode, and night mode. With remote, you can also change the airflow direction. With Dyson’s app, you can set a timer for turn on and turn off the air purifier.

It has an air multiplier technology that projects 77 gallons of cleaner air per second. It can also connect to Alexa for voice control. The sealed HEPA carbon filter can capture allergens, pollutions and 99.97% of large particles up to 0.3 microns. You have to change the filters once a year on normal uses.

You can use Dyson’s app to see filter uses. The price of this air purifier is nearby nuwave oxypure air purifiers. The TP04 purifies your all room and provides cool air in summer.

What I liked:

  • Cool design
  • Dyson’s app is working perfectly
  • Easy to assemble and control

What I don’t liked:

  • Fan is loud
  • Cannot clean kitchen odors

4. Dyson DP04 air purifier for VOCs

Main Features:

  • The HEPA activated carbon filter.
  • The project multiplier technology.
  • It can rotate 350° to cover all areas.
  • It allows you to control with Alexa and Siri.
  • Comes with three sensors to report air quality

The Dyson DP04 has the same features as TP04. The major difference is its design and price. The DP04 air purifier has a circular design and TP04 has ellipse design. Like TP04 the DP04 is controlled by a magnetic remote controller.  It comes with a sealed HEPA activated carbon filter. Its price is a little lower than TP04.

The HEPA activated carbon filter removes 99.97% of dust pollen, large particles up to 0.3 microns. This is an ideal air purifier for allergies, dust, pollen, molds, and particles. Like TP04 you have to change filters every year.

Thanks to its project multiplier technology that delivers over the 77 gallons per second. You can also control this purifier with Alexa and Siri. Or Dyson’s app also allows you to control air purifier and to analyze the uses of filters.

Other features are the same as LCD, smart sensors, and night time mode. Also, it can rotate 350° to cover all areas. Its material quality is very good. IT has three sensors that report air quality, on the LCD.  These two DP04 and TP04 both are the best for allergies and asthma patients.

What I liked:

  • It provides so many readings like indoor temp., types of air particles, etc.
  • Excellent design 
  • And very quiet
  • Nice little cool

What I don’t liked:

  • According to the feature, it is a little expensive
  • Loud on the higher setting

5. Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier

Main Features:

  • Odor eliminator and air deodorizer air purifier.
  • It can remove harmful gases like VOCs and formaldehyde.
  • Certified by CE, FCC and ETL listed.
  • Combined with 3-stage ultrafiltration and 2-stage duo filtration.
  • Specially designed to remove pet dander and pet hair.
  • The silence boosts technology.

Okaysou is a multi-use air purifier. This is an odor eliminator and air deodorizer air purifier. It can capture 99.97% pollutants like dust, mold, pollen, pet dander as small as 0.25 microns. It can also remove harmful gases like formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well.

It has advanced 45 turbine motor and creative internal structure. It has features like 3 fan speeds, sleep mode, childe-lock, and filter replacement indicator. It helps you to breathe easier and this is the ideal purifier for asthma patients. The okaysou airmax8l is certified by CE, FCC, and ETL listed.

This is the most powerful air purifier. This is an all in one solution for VOCs, pollutant, formaldehyde, microorganisms, etc. It relieves asthma symptoms, breaks down harmful gases, eliminates smoke, and removes household odors. Also a good option for health issues like sneezing, breathing issues and runny nose.

The air purifier is combined with 3-stage ultrafiltration and 2-stage duo filtration. The AirMax8L is specially designed for pet dander and pet hair that cause breathing issues. It purifies your home with the lowest noise because this purifier developed with silence boost technology.

This is a 100% ozone free air. It is easy to maintain and replace filters of this air purifier.

What I liked:

  • Make the lowest noise
  • A lightweight and affordable option
  • Comes with child lock
  • 3 levels of speed

What I don’t liked:

  • Display light is too much for the night
  • Can’t controlled by remote or app

Editor’s Opinion

If you get my opinion, I always recommend Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier. Because this is an affordable purifier. It can easily remove VOCs and Formaldehyde. According to me, this is the best air purifier for VOCs and formaldehyde. You can also go for nuwave oxypure. This is also the best air purifier for chemical sensitivity. But AirMax8L is an affordable option.

Buyer’s Guide of Best Air Purifier for VOCs and Formaldehyde

Most air purifiers are specially used for removing dust, pollen, pollutant, bacteria and viruses. But many people are choosing the wrong air purifier for VOCs. You cannot choose viruses killing air purifiers for VOCs. Air purifiers that can kill viruses, it is not necessary that they remove VOCs also. You have to choose an air purifier that specially made for VOCs. This buyer’s guide will give you how to choose the best VOCs air purifier. So read this till the end.

How to choose the best air purifier for VOCs?

There are many air purifiers in the market and each has different techniques for cleaning the air. However, some air purifiers can remove VOCs and some are not. First of all, we have to understand which technology and filters can remove VOCs and which cannot. So let’s get started.

Can a HEPA filter remove VOCs?

The HEPA filter is common in every air purifier. The HEPA filter is specially designed to remove dust, pollen, large particles and much more. The HEPA filter can capture 99.97% of large particles up to 0.3 microns. But VOCs are gases they are very smaller than 0.3 microns. They can easily pass through the HEPA filter.

If you are looking best air purifier for VOCs then the HEPA filter is not a good choice. The HEPA filters are unable to remove VOCs because they cannot capture them.

Ozone and electrostatic technology

Ozone generators can effectively change molecules like smoke into some different. Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms. Ozone will interact with smoke and convert it into some different. When ozone is mix with chemicals from any products, it can remove many chemicals. But ozone can release some dangerous chemicals in the air from any object.

There are many other side effects of ozone generators. Because of these side effects, ozone generators are harmful to your health. We cannot afford this solution for VOCs. It is dangerous for our health.

Electrostatic technology uses an electrically charged panel to capture particles and liquate droplets. But this technology cannot remove dust, pollen, large particles and gases like VOCs.

Photochemical oxidation for VOCs

Photochemical oxidation means PCO can remove some toxic VOCs. But it used UV-C light to remove air pollution. And ultraviolet produces ozone gas which is harmful to our health as we discuss. That is why photochemical oxidation (PCO) is not an effective choice for VOCs and formaldehyde.

Carbon filters for VOCs

Activated carbon filters may remove VOCs. Because they are specially designed to remove these types of elements. But with a carbon filter, VOCs can release back into the air.        

Sometimes carbon filter filed up and become saturated. They cannot remove VOCs for a long time. In this situation, carbon filters can release back VOCs into the air. So you have to change the carbon filter from time to time. Otherwise, it can release back VOCs in the air.

PECO technology for VOCs

With PECO technology there is no chance that VOCs release back into the air. PECO technology means Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. The photoelectrochemical oxidation is developed by Dr. Yogi Goswami. PECO technology breaks VOCs when they are passing through the filter. PECO technology does not collect them like carbon filters.

There is no chance of VOCs released back into the air for any reason. PECO technology is verified by the University of Minnesota. They proved that PECO technology can effectively remove VOCs from the air. Also, the photoelectrochemical oxidation does not produce ozone during the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions for VOCs and Formaldehyde

I want to clear your all queries about VOCs and Formaldehyde. In this, I have written all the information that you should know. So read this till the end.

What are VOCs?

VOC means volatile organic compounds. Volatile organic compounds are a large group of chemical compounds that easily convert in vapors. Some volatile organic compounds can be dangerous for over health like bacteria and viruses. 

VOCs can be spread from many products like paints, printers, INK, copy machines coatings. Also, it can be released from burning wood, petrol, diesel, and other natural gas. It is important to reduce VOCs. Volatile organic compounds can enter your body by breathing, cigarette, and touching products like paint.  

Paints, printers, INK, natural gas all are volatile organic compounds. The VOCs can damage your kidney, liver and nervous system. It can be a reason for cancer. You can get rid of these compounds by air purifiers. You can buy an AirMax8L air purifier or other purifiers that have a silver screen or PECO technology.

Do air purifiers remove VOCs and formaldehyde?

Yes, an air purifier can remove volatile organic compounds. Air purifiers that have silver screen technology or PECO can destroy VOCs and formaldehyde. The purifier that has activated carbon filter that may remove the VOCs from the air.

The activated carbon filter can reduce pollution and gases from the air. In some situations, like moisture, activated carbon filter releases volatile compounds back into the air.

But the newly developed photoelectrochemical oxidation (PECO) technology can easily destroy volatile organic compounds. With photoelectrochemical oxidation, there is no chance of gas being released in the air. I think PECO is the best solution for VOCs and formaldehyde.

You can choose an air purifier that comes with silver screen technology or PECO. It can easily destroy volatile organic compounds, chemicals, and formaldehyde. A carbon filter is also an option but this is not a perfect solution for VOCs.

Also, the PECO technology can kill some bacteria, germs, viruses and other harmful pathogens. PECO is also a good option for bacteria and viruses.

What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is one of the most dangerous gases in the environment. The formaldehyde is a part of VOCs. The formaldehyde is mostly used in building materials and household products. Formaldehyde is also used in personal care products but lower levels like lotions, face washes, soaps, lipstick, and nail polishes.  

However, using this product may raise the level of formaldehyde in your home air. Gas stoves, wood-burning stoves, and kerosene heaters can also increase the formaldehyde in your indoor air. Rarely formaldehyde may be a reason for asthma. 

Irritation of eyes, nose, and throat is the most common health issue caused by formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can also cause cancer to the human body. Formaldehyde is also used to keep a dead body fresh. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas so it is hard to detect it.

Formaldehyde is dangerous but an air purifier with PECO technology can easily remove this gas from your indoor air. 

Final Verdict

You know how VOCs are dangerous for us. We use the entire product that contains VOCs and formaldehyde. We have to take care of our self. An air purifier is the best option for VOCs and other chemical sensitivity. In this article, I have reviewed the best five air purifiers for VOCs. And these all are best you can choose anyone. My recommendation is Okaysou AirMax8L air purifier for VOCs.

In this article, I have also added a buyer’s guide. You can choose an air purifier by following this guide. I have given you all the information about Best Air Purifier For VOCs and Formaldehyde. I hope you like the article. Thanks for reading the article until the end.