Best Air Purifier for Cooking Odors

If you cook a lot, you know how bad the smell can get. Whether it’s fish or onions, smoke or garlic, you can find your house full of unwanted cooking odor. Smells are not that easy to get rid of, especially in the kitchen. This is especially true if you are used to cooking often. The smell of the food you cook will linger around for some time after you finish cooking.

If you don’t take care of it, it will get inside your home and make your place smell bad. So, this blog will look at the best ways to get rid of the smell of cooking. It will also look at some of the best air purifiers to keep cooking smells away.

Okay, let’s see…

Do Air Purifiers Help With Cooking Odors?

Of course, it does! Cooking odors are not pleasant. So you want to get rid of it as fast as possible.  But do you know that your air purifier can actually make cooking odors worse? It is true. So how can you avoid it?

You can use activated carbon filter with your air purifier to avoid adding any smells to your kitchen. The activated carbon filter is very effective in absorbing smells, thus making your kitchen odor free. If you want to be extra careful, you can always put the air purifier outside the kitchen.

Does Air Purifier Remove Cooking Odor?

Yes, air purifiers remove home kitchens’ odor, if it has some features which are required-

  • True HEPA air purifier – it has a great filter mechanism that will help to get rid of the bad smell easily.
  • Effective carbon filter- it will neutralize your home kitchen’s smell such as fried food, leftover, etc.
  • Auto mode-detection- the filter will do its work auto mode by the stage air quality sensor system so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Fan speed- an air purifier has many functions. so if the smell is very tough just speed up the fan to get rid of it.

Top 5 Best Air Purifiers for Cooking Smells

1. AROEVE Air Purifier for Kitchen Smells

Main Features

  • H13 HEPA filter can effectively filter any particles larger than 0.3 microns
  • The purifier adopts dual-channel technology and a 360-degree air outlet,
  • Refreshes the air 5x per hour in rooms as large as 215 ft² / 20 m²
  • The fan will be reduced to the lowest speed in sleep mode
  • The filtered air noise is as low as 22db
  • The purifier has a 2000-hour cartridge replacement reminder
  • Low decibel operation for a quiet indoor environment

2. Levoit Vista 200 Kitchen Air Purifier for Cooking Odors

Main Features

  • 100% ozone free
  • Three filtration systems with three filters
  • High-efficiency activated carbon filter to remove allergens, dust mites and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • The brushless motor
  • 30% cheaper than other air purifiers
  • Features a warm light with 2 brightness level

The Levoit Vista 200 air purifier is developed in California. The Vista 200 is 100% ozone free. It does not use UV light or ions that produce ozone gas. It provides you the complete health and fresh air quality.

It comes with three filtration systems that clean all pollutants like dander, air pollution, mold, bacteria and viruses, germs, kitchen odors, smoke and VOCs as well. It has three filters the true HEPA filter, Pre-filter, and high-efficiency filter activated carbon to remove dust mites, allergens and VOCs.

The Vista 200 air purifier has a brushless motor that uses just 0.9W electricity. the price of this HEPA air purifier is 30% cheaper than other air purifiers. It features 3 fan speed, sleep mode, 3 timer settings and also a warm night light with 2 brightness levels. The Vista 200 air purifier is certified by CARB/ETL/CA PROP 65.

You can say this is an air purifier for kitchens. We find that it can remove all kitchen odors within 3 minutes!

What I Like

  • Kitchen odors removal
  • Super cool timer and night light feature
  • Saves 30% energy star than others

What I Don’t Like

  • Makes an annoying sound on the high level
  • No working in large room

3. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Kitchen Odors

Main Features

  • The Levoit LV-H128 Desktop True HEPA Air Purifier improves indoor air quality
  • The 3-stage filtration system with dual-sided H13 True HEPA filters
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Sleep Mode for undisturbed rest
  • Uses official Levoit replacement filters for best fit and filtration
  • Aroma pad for diffusing essential oils
  • Small size, powerful design
  • One-button operation
  • Energy-saving
  • The air purifier is user-friendly, effective, and convenient
  • The air purifier is fully certified and safe for your family

The Levoit LV-H128 is an earlier version of the Vista 200 air purifier. This is the best air purifier and is also made in California. The LV-H128 has the same features as the three filtration systems, 100% ozone free. Etc. it does not use UV-C light.

Well, there are some differences between these two-stage air purifiers. The LV-H128 is quieter than Vista 200. The LV-H128 makes the lowest noise as little as 28db and Vista 200 makes 44db. Also, the clean air delivery rate (CADR) is high. Another difference is the night light. The LV-H128 comes with blue night light while Vista 200 has a warm yellow night light.

In more, the LV-H128 is available in two color variants “black and white” but Vista 200 has only one “white”. There is no big difference in price. If you have a small, medium- room size or large room then it is suitable for you. It can circulate room air over 4 times per hour.   

Because the level air purifiers do not produce ozone gas. It can be the best air purifier for asthma and allergies. It will effectively remove smoke and unwanted cooking smells. It removes bad food smells and makes your kitchens healthy. Because of its small design, you can place it in any small space.

The LV-H128 is certified by CARB, FCC and ETL listed.

4. VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Air Purifier for Kitchen Grease

Main Features

  • 100% ozone free
  • The premium quality of true HEPA filter with 4 premium activated carbon pre-filters
  • Activated carbon pre-filter effectively eliminates cooking odors

The VEVA 8000 elite pro is a premium quality true HEPA air purifier. It does not use UV-C light and ions that produce ozone gas. This is a 100% ozone-free best air purifier for the home. It comes with a premium quality HEPA filter to capture dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

If you are looking for an air purifier for asthma and allergies then this is for you. It has premium activated carbon Pre-filters to eliminate odors. It can effectively remove smoke odors, pet smells and cooking odors throughout a large room.

The company says it has long-lasting filters but you have to change them frequently in 6 months. It depends on the uses. The VEVA 8000 safely cleans your room air with a 3-speed fan. This is a quality air purifier for kitchen odors. You can buy this if you are looking for a cooking odor air purifier at reasonable price.

It will automatically shut off when the front penal is removed. The air purifier is certified by ETL and tested by nationally recognized testing laboratories. The air purifier can cover up to 325 sq.ft area.

What I Like:

  • Best for allergies and asthma 
  • Perfect for any place
  • Effectively remove smoke and cooking odors 
  • Safe for your children and pets

What I Don’t Like:

  • Low speed is quiet but doesn’t flow out the air very well
  • Filers are not long-lasting

5. Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier for Cooking Odors

Main Features

  • It has three filtration systems
  • Comes with three filters washable pre-filter, particle filter, and filter carbon
  • It can effectively remove cooking odors
  • Make the lowest noise on higher airflow
  • 3 fan speed option and controlled by one-button

The blue pure 411 is the new AHAM-verified air purifier. The air purifier filters the air with 3 filtration systems. It has three filters washable fabric pre-filter, new particle filter, and filter-activated carbon.

The fabric pre-filter traps large particles like hair and dust mites. The particle filter removes allergens, pollen, mold, and other irritants in the home. While the activated carbon filter removes common odors like cooking, smoking, pets and also eliminates volatile organic compounds(VOCs) as well. It is well known for its clean air delivery rate.

The Pre-filter is available in dark blue, gray and many other colors. You can purchase it separately. It makes the lowest noise from 17 to 46 DB. Thanks to advanced filters that allow for higher airflow at lower noise. This product is a program designed to provide these features. It effectively eliminates tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen (verified by AHAM).

The AHAM ensured that it can effectively purify air quality up to 161 square feet area. This is going to fit well and the room coverage will be perfect for small and medium-sized rooms. It has 3 fan speed options. The Blue Pure 411 air purifier is simply controlled by just one button.

What I Like

  • Very quiet on higher fan flow
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Helps to remove cooking odor

What I Don’t Like:

  • Strange odor coming out of the machine
  • The lights did not turn off

6. Germ Guardian Table-Top Air Purifier for Cooking Smoke

Main Features

  • Compact design is perfect for small spaces
  • Reduces odors with two-speed operation
  • No filter replacement required
  • Operates on 120 V AC, 60 HZ
  • UV-C light bulb lasts up to 12 months

7. Alen FLEX Air Purifier for Cooking Smells

Main Features

  • Captures dust, dander, small airborne particles, pet fur, and odors
  • Standard filter that helps capture asthma and allergy triggers
  • Includes a Medical Grade H13 True HEPA layer that captures 99.99% airborne particles larger than 0.1 micron
  • True HEPA filters last 3-5 months longer than standard filters
  • Cleans 700 SqFt every 30 minutes, twice as fast as key competitors on Turbo speed
  • Features a “lights out mode”, press the power button once and the lights turn off
  • SleepScore validated and users feel more rested upon waking
  • Lowest setting will use less than 50 cents a month in electricity
  • Low energy consumption

Buyer’s Guide for Best Kitchen Air Purifier

While buying the best air purifier you should consider some things. Not all air purifiers are best to eliminate odors. All air purifiers have different abilities.

You have to prefer an air purifier that has a smell eliminator unit like a carbon filter. I am going to give you a few product buying guides for kitchen air purifiers. It will help you to choose the best air purifier for kitchens.

Some air purifiers claim that they are best for odors, but they are not. So think to yourself, do not listen to what the company said.

The Activated Carbon Filter Is a Must for Kitchen Air Purifiers

The activated carbon filter can eliminate all types of odors from the air. If you are looking for a smell eliminator air purifier make sure that the air purifier has an activated carbon filter.

The five best air purifier that we reviewed all has an activated carbon filter. That is why they are the best air purifiers for cooking odors. Activated carbon is in every odor elimination in an air purifier. Because the carbon filter can remove any type of odors like kitchen smells, pets, mold, paint and many more.

The carbon filters adsorb all smell particles, while air is passing through the filter. It can eliminate odor molecules and organic chemicals that create bad odors.

The filter-activated carbon is a must to remove any type of smell. Therefore buy an air purifier with an activated carbon filter.

Is HEPA Filter Good for Odors?

Most high-air quality purifiers include a HEPA filtration system. Because HEPA filters can remove particles like dust, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, etc. A HEPA filter can eliminate these solid particles that produce bad odors.

The HEPA filters are unable to capture and remove odor molecules. Odor molecules and gases can easily pass through the HEPA filtration system. The HEPA filter is not necessary for smell removal air purifiers. You can prefer air purifier without HEPA filters.

But it is good if an air purifier has a HEPA filter. It can help to eliminate some particles that produce bad odors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Air Purifier

I am trying to answer some important questions. It will clear all your queries. So keep continuing…

Do I Use a Kitchen Odor Removal Machine?

Yes, if you are using your kitchen frequently or if you have a restaurant and food stall. You should have a kitchen odor removal machine like an air purifier. There are many uses of the kitchen odor removal machine.

It can remove mold, mildew, bad cooking odors and molecules from the air. A kitchen air purifier makes a healthy and fresh environment in your home.

If you often use your kitchen and cook food go for kitchen odor removal machine. It can also improve your health, especially for allergies and asthma patients.

Can Air Purifiers Remove Cooking Odors?

Not just cooking odor an air purifier can remove any type of odor. Air purifiers are specially designed to clean the air quality from bacteria, small particles, bad odors, mold, pet dander, pet odors, and many others.

A high-quality air purifier can easily remove kitchen odors and makes your kitchen healthy and fresh.

As we talk above activated carbon filter can remove any type of odors from the air. And all odor removal air purifier contains activated carbon. An air purifier with a charcoal filter can easily remove kitchen odor. So buy an air purifier with an activated carbon filter.

Causes of Odors

Odor can cause by many components it does not come out of the air. If you are often cooking smelly and non-wage food, it can produce bad odors in the air. Here is a list of causes of indoor air quality odor.

Causes for indoor air odors

  • Cooking food
  • Pets
  • Mold and molecules
  • Paint that produces VOCs
  • Sometimes air condensers
  • Gases like ozone, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide
  • Wood and drywall

All of these can cause bad indoor air odors. Luckily an air purifier can remove any type of odors from the air.

Final Verdict

I have reviewed five air purifiers. All these five air purifiers are the best air purifiers for cooking odors. You can choose any of these air purifiers. But my opinion is for Levoit Vista 200. I had a good experience with this air purifier. Other air purifiers are also good.

But when you buy an air purifier make sure it does not use UV-C light or ionizer. UV-C light and ionizers can produce harmful ozone gas. It can affect your indoor air quality and health also. Buy an air purifier for kitchen that has activated charcoal filter. Thanks for reading the article until the end. See you soon.